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Gold Fever! Tales From the California Gold Rush
Publisher: National Geographic, 1999: Ages 6-12
Hardcover: ISBN: 0-7922-7303-6     Buy It! 
Paperback: 2007     Buy It!
ISBN-13: 978-1-4263-0040-0 and ISBN-10: 1-4263-0040-9
Genre: Nonfiction/ History/ Picture Book       

About the Book

Eureka! Gold fever swept the nation and the world in 1848 when carpenter James Marshall discovered a gold nugget in the American river near John Sutter's mill. Here's the story of these lively prospectors in their own words.

Awards and Reviews

"Schanzer inventively combines first-person accounts with lively artwork to bring history to life…Paintings full of color and motion show the rocky roads of the overland trails, the excitement of the digging sites, and the liveliness of San Francisco. A uniquely exciting introduction to a fascinating period."
~School Library Journal

"The strongest of several books published this year to mark the sesquicentennial of the Gold Rush…The multiracial aspect of Gold Rush society is well portrayed and not sanitized…And it's fun to boot, packed with amusing anecdotes as well as hard facts…History at its most entertaining."
~The San Francisco Chronicle

"What lure could cause thousands of people to quit their jobs, leave their families, sleep in tents, move to the wilderness, and eat wormy bread? This exciting account... uses direct quotes from journals, letters, and accounts written by the forty-niners themselves, giving her book an immediacy and drama others on the subject lack...Schanzer's illustrations are dynamic, and as well-researched as the text."

"Plying the same visually jam-packed format she used to great advantage in How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark, Schanzer...follows the topsy-turvy routes by land and sea to the hustle and bustle of the West Coast boomtowns. Employing such first-hand quotes as "I hate to desert. I am almost crazy, as I have the gold fever shocking bad" from a California soldier's letter to his brother in Boston, Schanzer vivifies the past and weaves her information together thematically..."
~Publishers Weekly








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